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AutoWeb Case Study

Vehicle search engine Autoweb averages more than a million monthly searches --and growing-- with help from DataOne


Autoweb is an online inventory search company that excels at connecting dealers with in-market vehicle shoppers. Its unique search, share, and compare experience based on specific vehicle criteria appeals to every audience – from hardcore fanatics to non-enthusiasts most interested in “infotainment” features – garnering it upwards of 1.5 million searches per month. At the heart of its success is accurate, timely, and granular vehicle data that allows for the best match between search criteria and vehicle. For that, AutoWeb depends on Extended Vehicle Data from DataOne.

Key Benefits of Leveraging DataOne

  • Accurate, timely, and granular vehicle data
  • Detailed data allows visitors to search vehicles by modern features
  • Supports an intuitive experience for a wide audience